ROOF has allowed us to expand our all volunteer print and publishing training program. One of the major mechanical overhauls that the machine required for operation, was covered by the ROOF grant, including parts and installation. Having equipment that works well, has made it possible to inspire more local individuals and organizations to learn to print. Thank you, Red Oak Opportunity Foundation!
— Bay Area Alternative Press
In our Youth Mountain Bike Adventures program, each youth has an adult volunteer guide, we provide a picnic lunch for all and each youth receives their helmet. ROOF funding has provided all this for 60 youth and 72 volunteers guides each year. Thanks again ROOF, without you we would not be able to survive!
— Kai Hennig & Maureen Farrell, Youth Mountain Bike Adventures
If the East Bay non-profit community is a house, then it’s sure great having a sound ROOF over our heads! We are so grateful for the support ROOF gives us and our fellow do-gooders.
— Josh Thelin, Bay Area Outreach and Recreation Program
What a difference ROOF is making in our community. They support the small organizations that have more and more people to serve with not enough resources to reach them. The helping hand that ROOF offers through education, networking, and the giving of financial support is stretched to each organization’s best ability and is changing this community for the better. We are truly grateful.
— Krista Lucchesi, Elder Care Alliance
Thanks to the generous support PRAM has received from ROOF, we have been able not only continue to offer free events at our Fieldhouse facility, but also our garden program has flourished. All the PRAM families would like to thank ROOF for supporting families with children five years and under in the greater Richmond area!
— Kim Butt, Parents Resources and More
We have been grateful for our grant from ROOF, which has made it possible for us to provide occasional extra treats and supplies to enrich the campers’ experience on our weekend outings. Thank you, ROOF.
— Judy Simmons, Camping Unlimited
We’re always so grateful for ROOF’s generous donation to the Berkeley Food Pantry. Their contribution allows us to provide our clients with special holiday groceries during November so that they and their families may celebrate Thanksgiving with a traditional Thanksgiving meal.
— Sara Webber, Berkeley Food Pantry
What can I say? I love the local emphasis and grass roots thinking of your group. Your donation allows Read-Aloud to purchase many beautiful books that go into the homes of children and families. Books in the home change the dynamics of family life and add to the success of children’s learning. Every $1,000 given brings approximately 125-150 books into the homes of children and families.
— Ruth Major, Read Aloud Volunteer Program
Our work is possible thanks to supporters like ROOF, providing opportunities for youth like Alonzia. She says, ‘I have learned how to consider different options and think about the risks I am taking before I buy something, especially when I am saving for something else.’
— Jeremy Yong, Game Theory Academy
The grant from ROOF has greatly enhanced our efforts to educate the community about the positive benefits of housing cooperatives and to provide training to existing co-ops. In 2014, we have done two co-op training sessions that served 51 people from 19 co-ops, located from Oakland to Richmond. The first workshop focused on the ways co-ops can work to improve the environment, such as reducing water and electricity use and promoting bike riding and car sharing. The second workshop explained the Davis-Stirling Act, the state law that regulates all co-ops and condominiums. We charge no fee for these workshops, so the ROOF grant helped pay for printed materials and a part of the staff time needed to prepare and present these workshops.

Another critical part of the work that ROOF’s grant facilitated was the creation of the first new housing co-op in Berkeley in 18 years. It is the Derby Walker House Co-op in south Berkeley, and serves low and moderate income households. We completed the conversion to co-op in October 2013, and undertook a major renovation that was completed in July 2014. The funds from ROOF covered a portion of the staff time to provide training to the new co-op owners.
— Rick Lewis, Bay Area Community Land Trust
The Red Oak Opportunity Fund has supported the work of City Slicker Farms consistently over the past five years. In that time, City Slicker Farms’ Community Market Farms program grew 34,839 pounds of fruits and vegetables in West Oakland and provided them to local residents at sliding scale prices. People without money can receive their produce for free. We propagated 123,639 seedlings in our greenhouse facility, which we used to supply our farm sites and provide to families participating in our Backyard Garden program.
— Cora Lee Garcia, City Slicker Farms
We are so grateful to the Red Oak Opportunity Fund for their support of our shelter program for young adults experiencing homelessness in the East Bay. As a small grassroots organization, we cannot say enough about how valuable it is for us to have ongoing partnerships with groups like the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation. Thank you, R.O.O.F., for your generosity and commitment to the community!”
— Jaclyn Grant, Youth Engagement Advocacy Housing
My experience with the Red Oak Opportunity Foundation has been exceptional in every way. Not only have they offered much-needed financial support, they have also created an environment that brings together the small nonprofits of the East Bay that might otherwise never connect. Because of the support we have received from ROOF, The Body Positive will continue to expand our reach to help young people overcome the conflicts they have with their physical bodies, freeing them to focus on their educational goals and life purpose. This year we will be working with college students to create much-needed resources to break the isolation so many experience with debilitating eating and body image problems.
— Connie Sobczak, The Body Positive