ROOF helps local charities who help residents of the East Bay.

ROOF assists smaller local charitable organizations which do not receive significant funding from other sources through annual grant-making. Our goal is to make a significant and observable contribution to the aims and objectives of those organizations.

All administrative costs for ROOF are paid by Red Oak Realty, so 100% of all donations goes to the grant recipients. Established in 1985 by Red Oak Realty, the organization has distributed grants totaling more than $1,000,000. Located in the East Bay of the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, ROOF partners with our local non-profits to make a difference.

Your contribution is welcome!  Contributions to ROOF come from Red Oak Realty agents, a matching grant from Red Oak Realty, staff, clients, business associates, friends and people like you who want to help your local neighbors. ROOF is a 501c(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization, so all donations to ROOF are tax deductible. 

Please donate today: